Fine Tune the Energy Field
of your Environment
and Thrive in the Space you're in,
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NEW The Red Peony
Essential Feng Shui Space Clearing Kit

Discover how Feng Shui Space Clearing can Purify, Vitalize and Reprogram
the Energy Patterns in the Quantum Field of your Environment

No experience or fancy skills required!


What is Space Clearing?

Space Clearing is an ancient method of purifying, vitalizing and positively reprogramming the "space" or "energy field" emanating from a person, place or thing, whether it is visible or invisible, natural or manmade.

With these simple Energy Tools you can pre-condition your environment and yourself and "instruct" your energy field that you are now ready for something new, expansive, abundant and supportive to come into your life.

Being in the Flow

A healthy energy field is like a river of pure flowing water. It flows more easily if it is clear and not thickened by mud and other debris.

Flow is the path of ease.

It's essential to clear space on a regular basis because every part of an environment (internal or external) influences every other part. If left unchecked a subtle but constant pressure is placed on you that triggers a stress response and this stops you from being in the flow.

Space Clearing Can Be Applied To:
  • a room and everything in it (including you)!
  • a building, home, office, studio, store, school, warehouse or any structure at all

  • a business - every business takes on a unique energy pattern of it's own
  • a business plan
  • a personal project or goal
  • a person
  • an animal
  • an object - natural or manmade

  • a garden, a body of water, the land your home is on, or
    any outdoor environment

  • anything that may have been strongly impressed with negative trapped energy

Clean the slate and make it brand new!


Move the energy field of confusion and distraction out the door and purposefully refresh the chi field of your surroundings with pure, refreshed, harmonious energy.

Invite more peace, clarity, creativity and brightness into your mind, your relationships, and your work by simply being in and creating from a clear and Light filled environment.

Transform all impediments to harmony, and life force chi and unleash a fresh flow of healthy energy into areas of your space and your life where you've felt stuck and unable to generate the ideas or energy you need to evolve.

Set a new Feeling Tone for the Big Picture of the life you want to experience.


How It Works

  • Space Clearing works on the principal that everything is energy and that healing yourself and your environment on this level promotes wholeness, harmony and balance.
  • Sound moves energy…any sound even clapping your hands will move energy but the precise frequency of your Crystal Tuner™ is purposefully directed at achieving a very particular purifying, harmonizing and vitalizing outcome.
  • The sonic vibration produced by chiming your Crystal Tuner™ creates a kind of "excitement" in the energy field causing it to break up and cleanse away any dense discordant energy patterns to make way for a fresh and enriched field.
  • Specific high frequency essential oils also clear and refine the energies in an energy field on a specific vibrational level. Many people use bundles of burning sage for this purpose, which is great, but I have found my results are far more exceptional and precise when particular essential oils are used instead.
  • If either you or your environment have gone "out of tune," - through the principle of "entrainment" you'll be able to fully restore your natural harmonic resonance.
  • When you clear and vitalize your energy field it's like a new wave of supporting energy comes in and gently propels you forward and gets you back into the flow.

If you're interested in the math……

Your Crystal Tuner™ is tuned to exactly 9 octaves above the Earth's frequency
and there's a key significance to the frequency of the number

  Our Earth itself currently resonates with the frequency pulsation of 8 cycles per second. The Biosonics Crystal Tuner™ is precisely tuned to a frequency of 4096 cycles per second which is exactly 9 octaves above the Earth's frequency.

The number 9 was considered a sacred number by the ancients as it represented both Inspiration (Heaven) and Creation (Earth) and it takes 9 months to complete the journey of a human soul from the Heavenly realms into the Earthly world.

The resonance of the 9th octave is said to "open the doorway to Angelic Kingdoms" so by sounding this frequency with your Crystal Tuner™ you are opening an energy pathway to access the Heavenly realms.

Crystals formed deep within the Earth hold the powerful energy frequency of the Earth. When you tap your Crystal Tuner™ on a quartz crystal you are harmonizing the forces of yin and yang; forming a bridge between Heaven and Earth.


Everything Is Energy

In 1939, a scientist named Semyon Kirlian developed an amazing photographic technique now known as Kirlian Photography, in a quest to find a way to study the invisible energy field by making it visible.

The photos below were taken with a Kirlian Camera to demonstrate the changes in my energy field at various stages of using both the Basic and Enhanced Red Peony Essential Feng Shui Space Clearing Kit.


Kirlian Photo of the auric field around my index finger before any Space Clearing was done.

Basic Kit

Kirlian photo of the auric field around my finger after 5 minutesof using the Basic Space Clearing Kit.

Note: after only 5 minutes of using the Basic Space Clearing Kit the top half of the field around my finger is already beginning to brighten noticeably.


Enhanced Kit

The Enhanced Space
Clearing Kit
includes the Spiritual Phyto-Essencing blend: "Light" One drop of "Light" was placed on the tip of the crystal before striking it with the tuning fork. The crystal was held in my hand for 5 minutes

Note: all layers of my
field are now expanding and becoming more vivid.


Enhanced Kit

This photo was taken using the Enhanced Space Clearing Kit under the exact same circumstances as photo number 3…… plus diffusing the Spiritual Phyto-Essencing blend: "Light" in the room I was in for 10 more minutes. (total 15 minutes!)

Note: all layers of my energy field have brightened even more and the white field emerging in the center indicates that the new vitalized energy field is now moving from the auric field into the physical body.

The 17 Best Times to Clear your Space:

#1 Clear the space in your bedroom particularly in the corners of the room and directly over your bed if you spend nights lying awake and worrying.

#2 Clear your space after you've experienced a loss of any kind or even a memory of it.

#3 Clear any area of your home when and where the energy field has been affected by you watching sad, frightening or angering programs on TV.

#4 Clear your living and work space when and where arguments have occurred.

#5 Clear the space around your computer if you fear technology because over time, your fears and
frustrations form an energy field imprint that is mentally keeping you from gaining new skills and
confidence in this area.

#6 Clear your space when you feel pessimistic or unfocused and cannot seem to rise above these feelings to access new ideas or solutions.

#7 Clear your space before and after social gatherings or meetings at the office.

#8 Be sure to clear space in your bathroom in front of your mirror because years of negative self talk while looking at yourself and analyzing your reflection can create a very unhelpful and unhappy energy pattern there that you're continually walking into and absorbing every time you step into this room.

#9 Clear your space when you are beginning something new - or just want a fresh start, to a goal or project that has been languishing and going sideways for awhile.

#10 Sometimes your whole day feels like it's going sideways. "Artists of Living" clear their personal and environmental space when they want to break out of a daily or even momentary slump. Forget about feeling helpless and make the power choice to bring in a newly created upbeat energy field and move forward one step at a time.

#11 Clear your space if you can't get it together to clear your clutter. (These are two very different things!) You can also clear your space after clearing clutter as a finishing touch.

#12 Travelers can clear the space in hotel rooms and in their rental cars because these spaces carry residual thought form vibrations from previous patrons.

#13 Clear the space in your own car if stressful thoughts while driving have built up a negative energy matrix that is now subtly weakening you as well as passengers in your car.

#14 Clear your space before prayer, meditation, healing practices or artistic pursuits to set a purified and sacred tone for what you are about to do.

#15 Clear the space in your kitchen before preparing meals so the food you prepare and the environment you enjoy it in will have a positive, nourishing effect upon you and your family and friends.

#16 Clear your space before luxuriating in your tub to create more peace and harmony in the atmosphere and to charge the water molecules with more energy and Light to get the maximum rejuvenation and relaxation effect.

#17 When you're feeling tired, overwhelmed, or generally out of sorts use your Essential Feng Shui Space Clearing Kit to wash away the frequency of lowered physical, emotional and mental states, and open energy pathways for infusing your body mind and spirit with Light.

The Essential Red Peony
Feng Shui Space Clearing Kit


Kit # 1
Red Peony Essential
Feng Shui Space Clearing Kit

  • A Biosonics Crystal Tuner™ attuned to the frequency of 9 octaves above the earth's frequency to open the doorway to the Heavenly angelic kingdom.
  • A pristine clear quartz crystal directly from the mines in Arkansas which carries the grounding and balancing vibration of Earth. The crystal included in your kit is perfect for clearing a 10' X 10' room.
  • A pocketed carrying pouch to protect your Space Clearing tools
  • Complete instructions with 4 Space Clearing techniques



Kit # 2
Red Peony
Essential Feng
Shui Space Clearing Kit
including a 5ml bottle of "Light"

  • A Biosonics Crystal Tuner™ attuned to the frequency of 9 octaves above the earth's frequency and said to open the doorway to the Heavenly angelic kingdom.
  • A pristine clear quartz crystal directly from the mines in Arkansas which carries the grounding and balancing vibration of Earth. The crystal included in your kit is perfect for clearing a 10' X 10' room.
  • A pocketed carrying pouch to protect your Space Clearing tools
  • A 5 ml bottle of the Spiritual PhytoEssence™ blend "Light" sacredly formulated and
    personally hand blended by Dr Bruce Berkowsky.
  • Complete instructions with 4 Space Clearing techniques


Single 5 ml bottle of

formulated and blended
by Dr Bruce Berkowsky

  • In the Chinese healing system there are 5 Elements. The frequency of the Spiritual PhytoEssencing Blend "Light" represents the Master Element without which none of the others could exist.
  • We don't feel fully alive if there is a deficiency of this living spark of Light in our environments or in ourselves.
  • This special formula acts as a vibrational beacon attracting
    more Light essence to you and establishing a sacred connection between the Life forces of Heaven, Earth, and You.




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