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Business Consultation
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Single Room Consultation
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Real Estate Consultation
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Landscape Consultation
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Water Placement Consultation
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Design Phase Consultation
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House or Business Hunting
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Legal Support Consultation
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Fertility Support Consultation
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New Year Feng Shui Update
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Space Clearing/Personal Clearing
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Qi Men Dun Jia
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Every Consultation with me includes:

  • A detailed written personalized report
  • A second on site or phone appointment to answer questions
  • Availability to you anytime after that

"In Person" or "Distance" Consult?

  • "In Person" Consults are available in Southern California and throughout Arizona
  • "Distance" Consults are for those who reside in areas other than AZ and CA.
  • For a "Distance" Consult you'll provide me with a floor plan, a few photos, a simple compass reading (I'll walk you through it), the year your home or office was built, plus some birthdate information and we'll do our consult by phone at your convenience.

Types of Consultations
All consultations can be done either "in person" or as a "distance consultation."

Residential Consultation
By living in and creating from a Light filled environment more brightness can be absorbed into your thoughts and feelings,
and expressed through your work, your health and your relationships.

  • A completely personalized analysis based on your unique property and personal energy pattern.
  • All causes of visible and invisible energy interferences will be eliminated because an atmosphere with even
    small energy field conflict can be a secret barrier to your success.
  • Thorough assessment through balance of yin and yang, the Chinese 5 Elements, the flow, gathering and containment of beneficial "chi" and many other analysis and harmonizing methods.
  • Find and activate your Personal Lucky Money Direction - plus determine what specific direction to keep "quiet"
    if you want to avoid overspending.
  • Special calculations determine how you can stimulate romance, prevent your mate from cheating, avoid sleeping alone, find more "Helpful People" in life, and enhance your personal development, writing, studies, creativity and spirituality through the medium of your environment.
  • Formerly discordant energies in your space (including you!) will become entrained to the new "rhythm" of
    expansion and vitality like tuning forks all coming into resonance with the predominant harmonizing tone.

Business Feng Shui Consultations
This consultation includes everything in the residential consultation plus the following:

  • Make sure your business has at least 2 of the "3 Business Flows."
  • Remove hidden wealth blocks to business and strengthen your money luck through changes
    in the atmosphere of your environment.
  • Enhance name recognition and your good business reputation.
  • Position the boss and key employees to attract more power, stability, financial flow, and customers/clients.
  • Improve employee relations, productivity, creativity and health.
  • Feng Shui Business consultations are a tax deductible business expense

Single Room Consultations

  • To get you started with Feng Shui I can zero in on refreshing and harmonizing the chi field of
    one specific room where you spend the most time such as your bedroom or a Home Office.

Real Estate Investment Strategies

  • See your potential property investments through the benefit of "Feng Shui Eyes" by incorporating
    this " outside the box" analysis.
  • Improve your existing real estate by increasing and capitalizing on its vital chi energy field.
  • Sell your property faster with techniques that can help clarify what you need to know and do
    to make it happen.


Landscape Consultations
"Feng Shui Curb Appeal."

  • Create stronger support and stability just through the form of the landscape at your home or business.
  • Design your surroundings to subtly channel the incoming chi into pathways flowing gently towards you
    from the most beneficial directions.
  • Your design plan can be very simple and still very effective.
  • Compliment the distinct energy pattern of your home or workplace by choosing the most beneficial colors,
    shapes, plant and building materials.
  • This consultation can be done on its own for Home or Business Owners, Landscape Designers, Stagers,
    Real Estate Agents, Architects, Builders or Developers but is already included in all complete Residential
    and Business Consultations.

Water Placement Consultation
There is a lot more to this than looking pretty.

[I have had the privilege of receiving advanced training in many Water Placement Methods that
very few Feng Shui experts in the Western world have had. Water is a very powerful element
that can trigger both good and bad experiences so it is imperative to be knowledgeable
about its placement.]

  • Proper Water Placement can be used to cure problems and to activate wealth with indoor
    or outdoor water.
  • There may be very real "danger areas" for placing Water in the current year or ever, and
    these will be clearly identified for you so you can avoid setting off some bad luck unknowingly.

Design Phase Consultations
For those who are planning to build from scratch or remodel their home or place of business.

  • I consult with you and your architect, interior and/or landscape designer to incorporate the best
    personalized Feng Shui advice into your new design plan before it is built.
  • Break ground on an auspicious date to support the construction process in going as smoothly as possible.

New House Hunting or Business Location Hunting
Like "Environmental e-Harmony" this consult is designed to find a harmonious energy pattern match between you and your new property!

  • Save money, time and aggravation by getting quick yes/no mini Feng Shui assessments done before you make your final decision.
  • This consult is most useful when looking at existing homes or work places or when choosing a piece of land or a home from a builder's site plan.
  • I can look at sites with you in person or through video or photos in a "Distance Consultation."

New Year Feng Shui Updates for Business and Residential Clients
For existing clients only - because information from a complete Residential or Business consultation must be
determined first and then blended with the new energies of the current year.

  • Your New Year's update gives you an empowering peek ahead. It's like being able to fix the roof while the sun
    is still shining. Feng Shui is "Vibrational Homeowner's Insurance."
  • Find out if your home or office has a "money lock" or a "relationship or health lock" for the year and how
    to release it.
  • Determine if it is favorable to remodel or add an addition in the New Year.
  • Maximize opportunities for success by awakening the directions with the most favorable chi for the coming
    New Year.

Feng Shui Legal Support Consultation

  • Tip the scales in your favor by influencing outcomes for what you’d most like to achieve.
  • Capture the finest quality qi at the best hour in its most auspicious direction to strategically time your actions for success in your personal and professional goals.

Feng Shui Fertility Support Consultations

  • You'll receive a written report listing the results of best conception dates for 12 months based on calculations
    of your personal birth information, the energies of the current year calendar, and the orientation of your home.
  • I will identify the "Happy Spirit" Days and Hours for you to attract "Happy Spirit Babies."
  • You will find out when the monthly "Open" and Receive" days occur in the Chinese calendar. "Open" days are
    for opening to a new and wonderful chapter in your life and "Receive" days are beneficial for new beginnings
    from which you Receive many blessings.
  • Unique enhancements for your bedroom (these are not just general recommendations) will be given to
    strengthen the vitality and connection of husband and wife in the special chi field of this intimate setting.

Qi Men Dun Jia

  • Override your challenges and actively change your Luck by absorbing the best daily chi in its most auspicious direction.

"With the Essence of Love
the household thrives.
In the absence of the
Essence of Love the
household declines."
— Zen Master Hung-Jen

Space Clearing
"Everything and everyone in the Universe has a consciousness and interconnection. This reciprocal relationship makes it possible to shift your inner self and your circumstances by changing the energy field of your environment."

  • The energy field in rooms and buildings can become overwhelmingly depleted and stagnant when over time the heavy buildup of fear, worry, anger or other negative thought forms has not been released.
  • Ever increasing technology emitting harmful energy frequencies as well as atmospheric environmental conditions are also addressed.
  • Periodically your space must be cleared to purify and expand your chi field so it becomes a vibrant environment where you can gather nourishment from the essence of vitality, abundance and love.
  • I use the ancient practice of dowsing to detect stuck and discordant energy fields and disperse them.
  • By living in and creating from a Light filled environment more brightness can be brought into your thoughts and feelings, and therefore your work, your health and your relationships.

Personal Energy Clearing
Rejuvenating your energy field from the inside out

  • This is a very valuable process if you are in a state of mental fog, feeling blocked, exhausted, helpless, hopeless, emotionally and mentally stressed or overwhelmed.
  • Through Personal Energy Clearing sessions you can identify and clear inaccurate embedded beliefs that you aren't even aware of that are keeping you stuck in a lowered personal every field.
  • This work is done primarily through live phone sessions or through distance sessions with written reports. If you aren't sure where to begin I can energy test to identify what is coming up to be cleared for you first.

All quotes are made with consideration
of the needs and budget of the client.

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