Your Personal Lucky Money Direction Report
is not a formula that can be found in books

Your report includes simple, illustrated, step by step directions that show you:

  • How to find the precise location of your personal Lucky Money direction in your home, your office, or even in your neighborhood, city or in the world.
  • How to get more luck on your side by choosing a bank, a stock broker or a location for purchasing lottery tickets in your Lucky Money direction.
  • How to ACTIVATE your personal Lucky Money direction
  • And very importantly When to ACTIVATE it.
  • How to receive more profitable new ideas and opportunities that suddenly present themselves in surprising and unpredictable ways
  • How to be more magnetic to unexpected windfalls like prizes, sales, gifts, funding for your projects and repayment of debts and inheritances
Order only the particular version of this report that has been calculated for the Heavenly Stem of your personal birth year.
To find your personal Heavenly Stem click here


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